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HLG Attorney Quoted in Student Lawyer Magazine

16 Sep

HLG attorney Keith Lee was quoted in this month’s Student Lawyer Magazine. Student Lawyer Magazine is published by the ABA and is received by almost every law student in the country. The article focused on selecting electives while in law school.

Keith Lee agrees, invoking the actor Steve Martin’s answer to the question of how to become successful: “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Student Lawyer Cover“This is your career, and if you want success, that’s my answer,” explains Lee, founder of the Associate’s Mind blog and in practice at Hamer Law Group in Birmingham, Alabama. “The legal industry is as volatile as it’s ever been,” said Lee. “According to the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, 56 percent of 2012 graduates were employed in jobs requiring bar passage nine months after graduating, and an additional 9.5 percent were employed in jobs for which a law degree is preferred. That’s rough. There’s no getting around it. The profession is too competitive, and you have to differentiate yourself from day one.”

“Most overspecialized electives are more than likely not worth your while,” he explains. “You could take Resolutions to Water Border Boundary Disputes, but guess what? All those resolutions are equitable remedies. If you instead took a course on equitable remedies, you could apply it to any niche you practice in. If you learn a narrow field, it’s a lot harder to reverse engineer that knowledge and apply it to a broader practice.”



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