HLG Attorneys Serve as Instructors for Cumberland's Practice Workshop

HLG Attorneys Serve as Adjunct Instructors for the Cumberland School of Law Bridge to Practice Workshop

13 Jan

On Thursday, January 9, 2014, HLG attorneys Chris Hamer and Alan Duke served as adjunct instructors for Cumberland School of Law in the first practice workshop series, which focused on negotiation and client interviewing skills. The workshop series was intended to prepare Cumberland’s students for the demands of the workforce. The professor in charge of the program, Professor LaJuana Davis, has this to say:

[At Cumberland] we believe that negotiation and interviewing skills are critical for students’ success in any area that they will use their law degree. However, not all of our students are able to take those particular courses in law school. To that end, we [created] a one-week, January mini-term in which we will conduct a Negotiation Workshop and an Interviewing & Counseling Workshop for Cumberland students.

As part of the workshop, the adjunct instructors observed small groups of students practicing negotiation and interviewing skills. While observing, the instructors provided useful feedback and critique of the students’ skills.

Both Hamer and Duke appreciate the opportunity to participate in the program, and Duke had this to say about the program:

I thought the program was a great idea. Many of the issues that the students were required to address in the workshop are not issues directly covered in law school. I thought that providing the opportunity for the students to learn about practical applications all while obtaining real-time feedback from practicing attorneys was a very worthwhile experience. The time required of the adjunct instructors for the program was very minimal, and should serve as a testament to the amount of planning and preparation that Professor Davis and the others put in to making the workshop a success.

Once again, HLG appreciates the opportunity to participate in this tremendous program and hopes that the feedback provided was beneficial to the students.

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