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New Estate Planning Workbook For Young Families

04 Oct

FREE Estate Planning Workbook for Young Families (631 downloads)
Many young families put off estate planning. They think they are too young, healthy, or simply can’t afford it. Some have trouble just thinking about what could happen if they should die while their minor children and spouse are depending on them. But even healthy, young adults can be taken by a sudden accident or illness. People with young families need estate planning precisely because other people are depending on them.

We have young families ourselves and know the difficulties that come along with planning for their future. To help people effectively plan for their future Hamer Law Group has prepared an Estate Planning Workbook For Young Families.

WorkbookSpanning over twenty pages, the workbook provides young families information on why they need to think about estate planning and offers a step-by-step guide on gathering the materials needed to begin the estate planning process.

The Estate Workbook For Young Families can be found at

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