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Construction Law

construction law alabamaConstruction law encompasses any matter relating to a construction project or other related field, and covers a wide range of legal issues including contract law, bonding, guarantees, sureties, liens, defective design and construction, and other various construction claims. Construction law does not just affect one type of entity, but encompasses any party to a construction project, such as the owner, architect or engineer, surveyor, contractor, subcontractor, supplier, surety, and financial institutions.

Construction Contracts

    • Drafting & Review of Contract Documents
    • Negotiation
    • Risk Allocation
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Litigation
      • Breach of Contract
      • Payment and Performance Bonds
      • Changes in Scope of Work
      • Wrongful Termination
      • Acceleration and Delay
    • Litigation Avoidance
      • Arbitration
      • Mediation

Construction Bonding Claims & Defense

Mechanic’s Liens

      • Filing Claim of Liens
      • Defending Lien Claims
      • Litigation to Enforce a Claimed Lien

Construction Claims

    • Defective Construction Claims
    • Defective Design Claims
    • Building Code Violations
    • Construction Failures
    • Warranty and Workmanship Disputes