Hamer Law Group - Attorneys for Probate, Estate, Trust, Conservatorship, and Civil Litigation. Experienced with opening estates, probating wills, intestate (no will) estates, small estates – summary distribution, will contests, beneficiary claims, estate administration, creditor claims, probate support for lawyers and law firms, business disputes and civil litigation. Located in Birmingham, serving clients across Alabama.
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Practice Areas

Helping Businesses

It can be difficult running a business. We've been there. Whether you want to start, grow, or sell a business, we can help you through the process.

Helping Families

It's also tough starting a family. With young families ourselves, we've been in your shoes. We can help plan and protect for your family's future.

Intellectual Property Law

Whether you're writing a book, starting a blog, or running a business - it is likely you will have intellectual property issues. We can help you with copyrights, trademarks, licensing, and more.

Construction Law

Architects, contractors, and engineers have special legal needs - compliance, codes, contracts. Our construction background allows us to help you meet all your needs.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation isn't the right course of action for every dispute. We can help your business or family through arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

Civil Litigation

When it is time for litigation, you need high quality legal representation that provides creative solutions in an affordable manner. We give every case the attention it deserves and clients are informed at every turn.
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What Our Clients Say About Us:

I have personally worked with Chris Hamer on a number of projects and he is very professional in all that he does. It is nice to work with someone who is technically competent, open to suggestions, and who places a value on getting the best product for our clients. I would be glad to endorse or recommend him to others.

Chris understands our business needs, and knows how to be a service provider that drives results. He is always available and works effectively and efficiently. I highly recommend his services as a value-added addition to your internal staff.

Alan proved himself knowledgeable and resourceful through several projects for me and my companies. For us, his services were comprehensive in that they were all inclusive from preparation of documents through establishment of entities, as well as handling all the various governmental and tax related registrations. Alan has also been involved in real estate closing activies for us. Everything was been done with with the obvious intent on his part of making our dealings as easy for me as possible. We will seek to engage his services in our future endeavors.