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Hamer Law Group is a boutique estate and probate law firm, based in Birmingham, Alabama, with experience with opening estates, probating wills, intestate (no will) estates, small estates - summary distribution, will contests, beneficiary claims, estate administration, creditor claims, probate support for lawyers and law firms, business disputes and civil litigation. We handle matters for clients across Alabama.

Our success as a law firm is based on our ability to help clients consistently meet their legal and business objectives on a timely and cost-effective basis.  The issues may be complex, but our mission is simple – providing candid advice and creative solutions  to assist our clients with achieving their goals.

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2100 First Avenue North, STE 230
Birmingham, Alabama 35203


Toll Free: (855) 414-2637

Local: (205) 358-0288

Fax: (888) 908-7234

Practice Areas


Whether a person had a will or not, we assist in navigating whether to open an estate, preparing and filing the appropriate documents, administering estate assets, selling property or whatever other needs may arise related to your loved one’s estate. Learn more.


Have an objection against the validity of a will based on the contention that the will does not reflect the actual intent of the individual who made the will? We handle those types of issues as well. Learn more.


It can be difficult running a business. We've been there. Whether you want to start, grow, or sell a business, we can help you through the process. Learn more.


We understand that trust and estate matters are personal and losing a relative or loved one can be emotional and difficult. We counsel clients through every step of the process whether it involves claims against fiduciaries, will contests, guardianship disputes or compelling an inventory, accounting, final settlement or distributions to heirs and beneficiaries. Learn more.


If your law firm handles wrongful death or personal injury cases and needs help opening an estate for the purpose of litigation in Alabama, we are here to assist through that process. Learn more.


Have a loved one who has become incapable of making responsible decisions due to a disability or incapacity? We can help you with the process of appointing someone to make legal, financial, and health care decisions. Learn more.


Whether it's planning for yourself or a loved one, we can help you make a plan for your future so that your wishes are carried out. Learn more.


If you are the administrator, executor or personal representative of an estate in another state, or the estate attorney handling an estate outside of Alabama, and you need assistance with opening an ancillary estate in Alabama or administering real estate or personal property for a non-resident decedent in Alabama, we can help you through the process. Learn more.

CIVIL Litigation

When it is time for litigation, you need high quality legal representation that provides creative solutions in an affordable manner. We give every case the attention it deserves and clients are informed at every turn. Learn more.



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